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Meet our team

Alice Profile 1.png

Journey to the BARRE

Alice first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2009 and fell in love with the yoga practice.

She realised she was very flexible but lacked strength. That was when she started to do

circuit training and crossfit to build strength. In 2014 she took a 200-hour Power Vinyasa and Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training to learn not only the physical practice, but also the mental and spiritual side of yoga.

Alice has been teaching yoga part-time since 2014 and continuously seeks further personal

development in the yoga practice. She continues teacher training in yoga therapy,

kids yoga, Dharma wheel yoga, and advanced hatha yoga. Along the way, Alice found barre and fell in love with the technique and core exercises! 

Alice at the BARRE

For those who know Alice, she’s very energised, positive, and direct. She can be

soft and hard-core depending on the class type as well as the energy of the class. She

provides different options ensuring everyone develops a “can-do” or “self-challenge”


Besides BARRE

Alice realised her HEALTH improved over the years by practising yoga. Hence, she is

committed to her daily early morning yoga practice which has INSPIRED a lot of

her friends. Adding barre to her workout she finds not only FUN, but also further

improves her cardiovascular health. This formula is perfect!

Alice teaches…

Barre Formula 101

​Barre Stretch

Vinyasa Flow

Managing Director & Co-Founder


Jac Profile 1.png

Journey to the BARRE

Jacqueline has practiced ballet since three years old for 10 years, and Chinese and Western dance during her collegiate years. The overall 17 years of dance experience has not only developed Jacqueline’s body awareness and techniques, but also her determination and discipline. In 2012, she was first introduced to Barre Body in Melbourne. She loves the precision of the Barre movements and the unique flow of the classes effectively work the whole body. In 2015, she was certified and started teaching Barre at Barre 2 Barre in Central, Hong Kong. In 2018, she decided to open her own studio to influence and empower everybody around her to live a fun and healthy life.

Jacqueline at the BARRE

Jacqueline's friends call her “Energiser Bunny.” She is so energetic and happy all the time, spreading her love and positive energy through Barre workouts. She is a perfectionist and always wants her clients to get the best out of the Barre workouts. She pushes clients hard enough to unleash their potential and helps them to achieve their goals in a safe way. Jacqueline also loves to share healthy eating tips with her clients after classes. If you have not tried her homemade protein balls yet, ask her for a sample the next time you come to Barre Formula!  

Outside BARRE

Jacqueline enjoys walking her dog, a little Maltese x Shih Tsu mix, bringing her dog to cafes for her favourite flat whites. As her nickname suggests, Jacqueline will never stop moving, so you can easily catch her hiking mountains or travelling around the world! Basically, she enjoys her life immensely!

Jacqueline teaches…

Barre Formula 101

Barre Formula Attack

​Barre Stretch

Managing Director & Co-Founder



Journey to the BARRE

Keisha first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2011 when she moved to Hong Kong. And fell in love with the yoga practice since then.


After practicing for 6 years, she joined 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at Anahatha Yoga. This is the turning point of her life. She decided to dedicate herself in Yoga. She joins more trainings and attend more workshops to deepen her knowledge.

When Alice first introduced Barre to Keisha, she immediately felt that this is the most effective way to train her muscle strength that helps her a lot for yoga practice! She decided to join the barre teacher training at Barre Formula and she is so happy could be part of the team.

Keisha at the BARRE

Once there’s a yoga teacher describe Keisha as a marshmallow, flexible and easy to do any shapes, which means no strength at all! Although she improved a lot through power yoga, vinyasa yoga practice, she found that Barre is the most effective way to train her strength.

She is a mild person and understands that everyone has different limitations and anatomy. She can express a complicated pose in a simple way, she won’t be pushy but encourage students to try their best and enjoy the class. Maybe you can’t do it today but you can do it the next day!

Outside BARRE

Keisha loves cooking, baking, reading and traveling. Not like other girls, she has no interests of make-up, Korean-drama nor shopping. She loves to eat good food and crazy for collecting different spices while traveling. She has a bunch of spice collection that make her cabinet almost full!​

Keisha teaches…

Barre Formula 101

​Barre Stretch

Barre Teacher


Ellen Profile 1.png

Ellen has a passion in taking photos and she is also a fan of running, hiking, swimming, and barre! She shares the same values and passions with us! We are very pleased to have her as our very first official photographer! 

Freelance Photographer