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Meet our team




Journey to the BARRE

Alice first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2009 and fell in love with the yoga practice.

She realised she was very flexible but lacked strength. That was when she started to do

circuit training and crossfit to build strength. In 2014 she took a 200-hour Power Vinyasa and Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training to learn not only the physical practice, but also the mental and spiritual side of yoga.

Alice has been teaching yoga part-time since 2014 and continuously seeks further personal

development in the yoga practice. She continues teacher training in yoga therapy,

kids yoga, Dharma wheel yoga, and advanced hatha yoga. Along the way, Alice found barre and fell in love with the technique and core exercises! 

Alice at the BARRE

For those who know Alice, she’s very energised, positive, and direct. She can be

soft and hard-core depending on the class type as well as the energy of the class. She

provides different options ensuring everyone develops a “can-do” or “self-challenge”


Besides BARRE

Alice realised her HEALTH improved over the years by practising yoga. Hence, she is

committed to her daily early morning yoga practice which has INSPIRED a lot of

her friends. Adding barre to her workout she finds not only FUN, but also further

improves her cardiovascular health. This formula is perfect!





Janice’s journey with yoga has been transformative, taking her from being a person who didn’t engage in any exercise to becoming a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. Her initial encounter with yoga left her with a profound sense of inner peace, which sparked her curiosity to delve deeper into the practice. As Janice pursued her yoga studies, she discovered that her learning was not just about yoga itself but also about herself. She recognised that self-awareness is a crucial component in finding inner peace and decided to share this valuable knowledge with others by becoming a yoga teacher.


Janice has completed:
- 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in 2019;
- 50-hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with David Kim;
- 50-hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Master Saumik Bera

In addition, Janice is a certified AntiGravity®️ Level 4 teacher, certified sound therapist of Tibetan Singing Bowl and Angel Tuning Fork.


These trainings provided Janice a solid foundation, incorporating anatomical principles, yoga therapy and mindfulness into her teaching. She is a dedicated and well-rounded yoga teacher who combines various styles, techniques, and modality to provide her students with a transformative and holistic yoga experience. Her goal is to guide her students on their own journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and inner peace.

Janice at CLASS

Janice's intention in teaching is to make all students feel good and fulfilled after her classes. She sees her students as her ‘babies’, as she enjoys connecting with each of them and seeing how they grow and transform in their own journey. She always says, “progression is far more important than perfection, always listen to our body and mind, and we will be able to find our inner peace and unlock all ‘miracles’.”


Janice is a wine lover especially Burgundy wine. She loves to connect with people via yoga and wine.

Barre Teacher



Journey to the BARRE

Jodie loves different kinds of exercises, like yoga and pilates. Since 3 years ago, she started to only focus her practice in barre and have never quit. She enjoys the mixed of all her favourite exercises concept into an one hour practice, to achieve full body workout. She really loves the precision of movements, that help so much to strengthen, lengthen and increase stability and balance.  

Jodie at the BARRE

Jodie wishes every women can feel the one-hour barre workout is effective. She enjoys using different rhythm musics to motivate the movements in class. She cares the most for every client to get to the precise and correct posture and movements. She will ensures every client in her class can connect their mind and body to achieve the ultimate result of Barre, and surely to make it a , it's  fun meditation.  You surely will get a gorgeous body shape like Jodie!

Besides BARRE

Besides Barre, Jodie enjoys doing pilates and yoga.  or chilling with a glass of champagne by the beach with her favourite book!

Barre Teacher



Journey to the BARRE

Daisy firmly believes that you can gain all fitness elements from barre training. She has a great improvement in her muscles, balance, core, and mobility after barre training. She realises that alignment is the key to build up muscles. Even small movements can strengthen and tone your body if practice good posture. She is convinced that workout should be safe and fun. She hopes everyone can explore the same experience and benefits from her barre class. 

Daisy at the BARRE

You will always be encouraged and inspired in Daisy’s class. You can catch up the beats and movements step by step. Her class is low impact but high intensive. You can definitely gain flexibility, strength and sweat in her class.

Besides BARRE

Besides workouts, Daisy loves binge-watching in her rest day.

Barre Teacher



Journey to the BARRE

Self-care has always been a priority of Serena’s.  She started her barre journey with Barre Formula in 2018, then dive right in and made barre her workout routine. Experiencing her own transformation with better health, improved posture and strengthened body awareness, she developed herself as a trained instructor and would love to empower other people by teaching.

Serena at the BARRE

Her classes are composed of rhythmic micro-movement with precise sequencing, which is accessible for all body types and fitness levels.  Having her students walking out of the studio feeling stronger, rejoiced and refreshed from head to toe is her goal.

Besides BARRE

Serena works 9-5 in the field of sustainability.  She is fond of reading, dancing, playing board games and hiking with friends.

Barre Teacher



Journey to the BARRE

Mandy went to her first ballet class when she was 4. She cried every time and didn’t continue for very long time. However, she went back to ballet class in high school time and loves the elegant ballet moves. 

She loves running and started yoga as a tool for stretching and releasing muscle tension since 2015. Few years later, she met yoga master Ganesh, who inspires her and brings yoga into her life. In 2018, she completed her first yoga teacher training; and continued exploring aerial yoga, sound therapy and barre workout . She believes yoga is a journey to explore inner self and peace while complementing barre method as a conditioning to her yoga practice.

Mandy at the BARRE

Mandy encourages students to be aware of and connect to their bodies and mind. She appreciates the elegant and yet effective barre workout. In her Barre 101 class is cheerful; she will give options to challenge you as well as taking good care of complete beginners. In her Barre + Yoga class,  you will experience a combination of a rhythmic barre workout and a therapeutic yoga flow.

Besides BARRE

Mandy is also a certified prenatal, children yoga teacher and a singing bowls practitioner. She encourages students to be aware of and connect to their bodies and mind.

Barre Teacher



Journey to the BARRE

Clara started barre as an all-rounded training for herself as she began her exercising journey. BARRE helped with her coordination, core and control, it really compliments to other exercises and training. It is fun and a stress free exercise that she recommends everyone to explore and try! 

Clara at the BARRE

Keep it fun while making the hour training worth it! Diverse movements while having different options to choose the best format that suits your condition on that day. Everyone got good and bad days, the important part is to enjoy and not getting hurt.

Besides BARRE

Clara loves to explore cafes in town!

Barre Teacher


Angel Tse

Journey to the BARRE

Angel started barre lesson in 2022, she felt her body more toned after few classes. After that, she fell in love with barre becoz it is a good exercise that can work your whole body, especially those tiny little muscles. She enjoys the burning and shaking. Be consistent, you will feel the different. You are stronger than you think you are. She loves spreading her love of barre to her friends and family and thus, she decided to become a barre teacher to inspire others. 

Angel at the BARRE

Angel’s class is full of positive energy, she hope everyone can barre together no matter what your fitness level is. Enjoy the barre burn and Shake it off the negativities during the lesson. Let’s barre with Angel, sculpt your body and bloom in your own barre! 

Besides BARRE

Angel is a coffee and beach lover, love traveling around and exploring nice cafe food and bars! “Life is a beach, Enjoy your waves”

Barre Stretch

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Sara Yang

Journey to the YOGA

Sara is a certified Hatha and Wheel yoga teacher. Due to injuries, she took further teacher training in yoga therapy. She is also a certified AntiGravity Fitness Instructor. 


Sara loves travelling and eating good food!

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