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Journey to the BARRE

Alice first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2009 and fell in love with the yoga practice.

She realised she was very flexible but lacked strength. That was when she started to do

circuit training and crossfit to build strength. In 2014 she took a 200-hour Power Vinyasa and Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training to learn not only the physical practice, but also the mental and spiritual side of yoga.

Alice has been teaching yoga part-time since 2014 and continuously seeks further personal

development in the yoga practice. She continues teacher training in yoga therapy,

kids yoga, Dharma wheel yoga, and advanced hatha yoga. Along the way, Alice found barre and fell in love with the technique and core exercises! 

Alice at the BARRE

For those who know Alice, she’s very energised, positive, and direct. She can be

soft and hard-core depending on the class type as well as the energy of the class. She

provides different options ensuring everyone develops a “can-do” or “self-challenge”


Besides BARRE

Alice realised her HEALTH improved over the years by practising yoga. Hence, she is

committed to her daily early morning yoga practice which has INSPIRED a lot of

her friends. Adding barre to her workout she finds not only FUN, but also further

improves her cardiovascular health. This formula is perfect!



SARA (previously Jacqueline) WONG

Journey to the BARRE

Sara has practiced ballet since three years old for 10 years, and Chinese and Western dance during her collegiate years. The overall 17 years of dance experience has not only developed Jacqueline’s body awareness and techniques, but also her determination and discipline. In 2012, she was first introduced to Barre Body in Melbourne. She loves the precision of the Barre movements and the unique flow of the classes effectively work the whole body. In 2015, she was certified and started teaching Barre at Barre 2 Barre in Central, Hong Kong. In 2018, she decided to open her own studio to influence and empower everybody around her to live a fun and healthy life.

Sara at the BARRE

Sara's friends call her “Energiser Bunny.” She is so energetic and happy all the time, spreading her love and positive energy through Barre workouts. She is a perfectionist and always wants her clients to get the best out of the Barre workouts. She pushes clients hard enough to unleash their potential and helps them to achieve their goals in a safe way. Jacqueline also loves to share healthy eating tips with her clients after classes. If you have not tried her homemade protein balls yet, ask her for a sample the next time you come to Barre Formula!  

Outside BARRE

As her nickname suggests, Sara will never stop moving, so you can easily catch her hiking mountains or travelling around the world! Basically, she enjoys her life immensely!

Barre Teacher


Journey to the BARRE

Ever since the first barre class, Lya had fallen in love with the holistic training method that hybrids several favourite workout disciplines. She discovered that the strong focus on alignment has helped  increase her body awareness, strengthen her movement practices in target areas and as a result improve performances in her yoga and dance.

Aurelia at the BARRE

Lya is a wellness enthusiast of body, mind and soul. She is also a certified personal fitness trainer, sports injury rehabilitation specialist, yoga & aerial yoga instructor and reiki practitioner.

Outside BARRE

A seasonal traveller, Lya enjoys learning cultures and exploring lifestyles. At her spare time she likes to create art and do photography

Barre Teacher


Journey to the BARRE

Jodie loves different kinds of exercises, like yoga and pilates. Since 3 years ago, she started to only focus her practice in barre and have never quit. She enjoys the mixed of all her favourite exercises concept into an one hour practice, to achieve full body workout. She really loves the precision of movements, that help so much to strengthen, lengthen and increase stability and balance.  

Jodie at the BARRE

Jodie wishes every women can feel the one-hour barre workout is effective. She enjoys using different rhythm musics to motivate the movements in class. She cares the most for every client to get to the precise and correct posture and movements. She will ensures every client in her class can connect their mind and body to achieve the ultimate result of Barre, and surely to make it a , it's  fun meditation.  You surely will get a gorgeous body shape like Jodie!

Outside BARRE

Besides Barre, Jodie enjoys doing pilates and yoga.  or chilling with a glass of champagne by the beach with her favourite book!

Barre Teacher


Journey to the BARRE

Echo started doing ballet at the age of 3 and always wanted to incorporate ballet elements into her workout. She came across barre workout when she was in Melbourne 7 years ago and it was love at first sight. She has been practising since then. It makes her increase my awareness on which muscle group I am working on when doing exercise. 

Echo at the BARRE

Aside from strengthening your body through a full body workout, Echo sees barre class as a time to reconnect with your mind and body. It is a time to raise awareness of where your body is at. She'd like to design the workout to flow through from moves to moves like a ballet repertoire. She also would like to share her love for Barre and make others benefit from it and make the workout uniquely you.

Outside BARRE

Besides Barre, Echo enjoys enjoy photography and she loves to do DIY projects.

Sheryll profile pic.jpg

HIIT/ Killer Core Instructor

Sheryll Chan

Journey to the BARRE

Sheryll is always passionate about health and fitness. She loves different types of exercises. She has participated in competition and races which include Spartan, a full marathon, the 100km Oxfam trail walker and triathlon. She enjoys the challenges and it gives her goals and the feeling of accomplishments that she can go extra miles. She believes that people who put effort in training and building their body strength could also improve their discipline which will be beneficial on various aspects in their lives. She is aspired to be one of the most successful fitness trainer to inspire people. She teaches TRX classes and functional classes focusing on core exercises.

Sheryll at the BARRE

Want to escape your busy life and have a stress relief day from work? Then you have to join Sheryll’s class, she will ensure that all her students will sweat it out. The session is fun and also challenging with different variety of exercises. It is suitable for everyone with different level of fitness. You will get one step closer to achieving your ultimate goals as well as developing your exercise routine to improve your overall well-being.

Besides BARRE

Sheryll is not only a fitness trainer and she is also into nutrition and healthy diets. Besides that, she loves to travel and explore different lifestyles.

Detox Yoga Teacher


Journey to Pilates

The journey began from an injury. Phoebe realised the importance of self-awareness in her quest for a healthy body. She started to explore mindful movement practices and grow her interest in inner practices such as meditation and yin yoga as a way to create a balanced lifestyle. She then fell in love with Pilates when she experienced the transformation in her body and believed that it is a great addition to her yoga practice.


Phoebe considers yoga as a therapeutic tool that is powerful and effective in healing one’s mind and body. With the continuous growth of anxiety-related illness in the society, She believes the power of yoga can help people to gain awareness in their body and inner self, which can be carried through into all aspects of life.


Phoebe has a strong interest in mindfulness. She has her online platform aiming to encourage the community to find their way in adding the mindfulness element in their everyday life. She is undergoing Classical Pilates teacher training at the moment and hoping to offer more guidance for her students to explore the mind and body connection in the future.

POP Pilates Teacher


Journey to Pilates

Lillian started her fitness journey since college back in San Francisco. She is always eager to learn all about fitness and willing to try out different type of fitness or wellness trends. She was inspired and started teaching group classes like functional training to spinning classes and of course Pilates.


Lillian enjoys bringing sweat and happy tears to all her students during her class. She believes each of her student should always feel SMART, STRONG & SEXY!


Lillian got the travelbugs & loves to travel as well explore and learn different culture which is a big part of her life experience journey beside teaching.