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The Formula


Barre formula is founded by a BALLERINA and a YOGI.

The Co-founders were work colleagues since 2011. Although they worked on the same team, they totally different personalities and characters, a classic case of introvert vs. extrovert. Yet, their beliefs and values in life have brought them together to become best friends. 

Sara (Ex-Jacqueline) - the ballerina with 17 years of dance experience, worked in corporates for over 10 years, Her determination and passions in dance, Barre and fitness enabled her to influence and inspire people around her. She lives a colourful life spreading her energy and happiness. In early 2018, a sudden thought sparked through her mind – “why don’t I quit my corporate world and use my passion and strength to empower and inspire people around me?”. So she texted Alice and asked, “Do you want a business partner? Let’s do something big!”, and the simple answer from Alice within a second was “YES, I DO!”. 


Alice - the yogi who also worked in corporates for over 10 years, is passionate about developing people and bringing them onto the journey to experience yoga, and to know oneself. She enjoys inspiring people around her through her yoga practices. She loves to teach and sees increasingly more people gaining the benefit exercise, eating well, and living a healthy life. She inspires everybody to feel stronger, happier and healthier after her classes. Opening a studio to spread the word is her passion and dream, and at the right moment, she simply said ‘YES, I DO’ to the Ballerina! 

This, is how the formula begins.

Why Barre Formula?

Barre Formula is the ultimate destination to strengthen, relax and reconnect your mind and body. Each of our classes is a perfect blend of strengthening, cardio, and mindfulness. In addition to a focus on isometric movement, our classes incorporate full-body coordination which means you will get the most out of each class. This multi-layered approach not only challenges your mind, but also is a fun way to learn to connect your mind and body. You will also see your alignment and posture improve quickly, which lead to better form and technique, essential to your progress. The interval format of our cardio-based classes also boosts your metabolism and burns calories for greater results! 

We believe each individual has her own formula because every body is different and each of your goals is different. We help you find your own secret formula through a blend of different types of classes. We encourage a consistent practice of 3-4 times a week to see the best results in a month. 

Our Values

We are committed to inspiring a fun and healthy life for everybody. 


Together, we inspire each other.

We inspire you; you inspire us.  

We inspire you to live an exceptional life. 

We inspire you to have the courage to overcome difficult situations.

We inspire you to become a stronger, better self.

You inspire us to design a better Barre Formula.

You inspire us to spread our positive energy to the community. 

You inspire us to make the impossible possible. 


Just have fun and laugh together! 

Whether or not you are having a good or bad day, come to Barre Formula to have some fun! Put aside your personal issues, your busy work stresses, and any other chaos the moment you step into Barre Formula.

Enjoy your time at the studio. Whether it is a high energy cardio class or a relaxing yin yoga class, we wish you to have fun, and finish your workout feeling lighter and stronger! 


We want everybody to live a healthy life through healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness. 

Whether you are already a fitness guru or you barely work out; work outdoors or in an office; already healthy or recovering from injury, weight loss or weight gain, we want you to have a healthy life. Living healthfully is a spectrum of all aspects, of which working out is only one part.


Stepping into Barre Formula not only gives you the workout formula, it also offers a fun, cosy, and friendly environment for you to share your ideas with each other on how to eat healthy, sleep healthy, and work healthy, ultimately leading to a healthy mind and body. 

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