Barre is more than the newest booming workout craze. Even Hollywood celebrities have found great results from Barre, a very unique workout that requires one to connect their mind to their body with each movement so precise that they can feel the muscle groups burn and shake! It is an excellent workout to tone and sculpt your body. Barre Formula designs a fun movement sequence to challenge your mind and body at the same time. You will get the most out of a 60-minute class, feeling challenged, fulfilled, stronger, lighter and relaxed. 


  • Make sure to keep hydrated both before and after class.

  • Please bring comfortable sports clothing, small towel and water to attend the class

  • Please do not come with a full stomach.

  • Tell your instructor about any injuries or condition. This will help the instructor know how to adjust you or show you a modified pose if necessary. Barre Formula does not assume liability for any injuries or death resulting from attending the studio.


Our method originates from Barre Body Australia and our co-founders have brought this to our home! By keeping the essence of the Barre Body method, our co-founders combine their expertise in dance and yoga, tailoring and designing the classes as your local Barre Formula. 


  • Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your class to prepare yourselves for class. All classes start on time and the door will be locked 5 minutes after class has started.

  • Please switch off your mobile phone or in complete silent mode and keep it inside your bags.

  • Barre Formula accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.

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